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The world discovered the Qgesto kitchen – Report from the Budma 2022 trade fair

Veröffentlicht: 15 March 2022
Kategorie: News

The most important construction fair in Poland, Budma 2022, is behind us! A large number of exhibitors and visitors, a multitude of innovative technologies, many competitions, and unforgettable emotions! The four-day event certainly helped us to develop even more and confront our knowledge with the needs of our customers. We had the opportunity to meet with many architects, designers, investors, as well as representatives of the construction materials trade and to exchange insights and experiences concerning the industry. And most importantly, we have become exhibitors ourselves!

Qgesto kitchens at the Budma 2022 trade fair!

At the beginning of February, during the Budma trade fair, we had the opportunity to present our new garden kitchens to the world. Visitors from Poland and abroad showed great interest in the kitchens. Our kitchens allow to use them effectively all year round, even during the winter. We guarantee great convenience of use. Qgesto kitchens provide constant access to grill, stove, sink, as well as other accessories. The visitors were genuinely surprised by the functionality and innovation of the presented solutions. A large gas grill, sink, TV set, music player, kitchen that can be closed remotely? It was all very impressive!

Our exhibition space was impeccable. We’ve decided to realistically recreate garden conditions. For this purpose, we’ve created a kind of mini garden. We’ve installed artificial grass, garden furniture, and provided adequate lighting. Thanks to this, our kitchen looked very realistic and attracted crowds.

Our kitchens stand out with a modern, stylish, and luxurious design. Qgesto kitchens are easy to use, resistant to various weather conditions, made of certified and durable materials, and can be tailored to your own needs and preferences. All this resulted in that many people were interested in our stand during the Budma trade fair, and the visitors were very impressed. We ourselves are extremely satisfied with the course of the event and look forward to next year’s edition!

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