The heart of the home is in the kitchen… so is the heart of the garden!


Barbecue freely any time of the year!

The heart of the home is in the kitchen… so is the heart of the garden!


Barbecue freely any time of the year!


Outdoor kitchen is a unique kind of experience coming from the combination of nature and entertainment. Turn your free time into experiences you can never get enough of. Whatever the weather or season — create a new gathering place for family and friends.

QGesto is outdoor recreation and fun in a pioneering style. A garden kitchen is a solution for those who need more than a simple barbecue grill set up on a terrace. This is an unprecedented comfort of spending time in your own backyard. Modern technology, unique style, luxurious materials are all part of the character of the prestigious QGesto kitchen. Your dream kitchen.

No more worrying about the weather

with QGesto you can barbecue all year round regardless of weather conditions.

No more running home

for dishes, cutlery, to get drinks from the fridge or to wash your hands.

No more sitting in a stuffy kitchen

and airing it out endlessly. Starting cooking in harmony with nature today.

No more taking out the barbecue grill

every time you feel like cooking up something in your garden.

No more firing up the barbecue grill that takes ages

you'll be firing up the barbecue grill in no time when you use the gas.

With the QGesto garden kitchen, you have everything at your fingertips — chilled drinks, delicious homemade food, a convenient sink and all the accessories you need. Plus a match on a big screen, a console game, your favourite music.

After the meeting, all you have to do is clean up quickly, close the kitchen with the remote control... and that's it! You do not have to drag it to the garage, nor do you have to cover it with anything. It will wait intact for your next special event. Do not waste time on unnecessary activities. Dedicate it to your loved ones.

A burner designed for classic cooking with pots, saucepans or frying pans.
STAINLESS STEEL GAS BARBECUE GRILL In addition to the grilling function, the unit has an additional infrared burner with a large grate for grilled chickens or venison.

The kitchen has a moisture and scratch resistant kitchen sink with a beautiful tall sink faucet.

Sturdy cabinets for storing kitchen essentials. Resistant to all weather conditions.

It is a safety feature for your kitchen when you are not using it. At the same time it serves as a canopy when barbecuing in minute precipitation conditions.

Fresh products, cool drinks always at hand — no need to go home to fetch them.

Multicolor waterproof led backlight controlled with the remote control. Adding character to your kitchen, and perfecting any event.

Elegant top made of coarse quartz. An element of your kitchen that emphasizes high quality and consistency with nature.

Powerful actuators let you automatically open and close the gate with the remote control.

(preparation of the installation)*

Space for connecting your TV, audio equipment or consoles. Specially prepared antenna and internet connectors.

*additional option

(preparation of the installation)*

*additional option

In the cupboard under the sink it is possible to prepare the installation for a water heater.
*additional option


3 electric sockets that can be used for a kettle, coffee machine or charger.

Why bet on QGESTO?

Time spent with your loved ones is priceless. It is not worth interrupting it with mundane chores.

With the QGESTO kitchen, you can fully devote yourself to the things you love: good food, friends, family and carefree fun.

Join the ranks of those who have discovered a newfound pleasure in cooking outdoors.

What sets the QGesto garden kitchen apart?

It is ideal for gardens, agrotourism establishments, hotels or restaurants.
It combines luxurious contemporary design with rich amenities.
It is made of certified materials.
It is designed to endure any weather conditions without harm.
It is easy to use and quick to clean.
It offers a wide range of design and equipment customization options.
It makes your barbecuing and relaxing season last all year long.

The QGESTO garden kitchen is:

Everything you need for garden parties, home birthdays, special occasions, and enjoyable everyday activities.
A combination of kitchen, barbecue grill, home theatre, gathering place and outdoor time.
A comfortable space for everyone, limited only by the boundaries of your backyard.

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